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World Cups!

One of the novelties of this World Cup that's amusing our gang is my "recyling" of plastic cups at the stadia. You can buy a beer ("Bud" - a story about this will follow), a Coke or water. A beer is €3.50, with a further €1.00 for the cup which you get when you return it - making it a whopping €4.50 for about 2/3 pint.

Now, as a child I remember collecting Barr's Irn Bru bottles from neighbours to get the 5 pence deposit back, so it came easy for me to collect the cups from our group, and also any that I find lying near me from people who either don't know or can't be bothered returning them. My ambition at each stadium is to get enough money back from each game to pay for the over-priced round I bought for our gang, and I have so far managed. In fact, at the Sweden game in Cologne (pictured) I made a €2 profit!

Needless to say, I've been the butt of a few jokes about this, hence why this picture was taken by Keir, with Lee also wanting his picture taken with my collection of cups.

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