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G.O.4. - A Technodram

The Visionary, Award-Winning Show Returns…!

"In August 1999, on the eve of the Millennium, a visionary show debuted in Edinburgh at the International Festival and Fringe. The show featured a group of General Operatives ("G.O.s") who trade online by day, dance by night and talk in the futuristic “Technospeak” language. Then, one day, facing environmental collapse, they summon their spiritual leader, G.O.4.

The show met with critical acclaim, was featured on BBC “Newsnight”, and made the "Total Theatre Award" shortlist.

Sadly, the show was never seen again...


...until 21 years later, in the middle of a global pandemic, a forgotten video recording was discovered, and a dedicated team "restored" the show so it could live on where it belongs - in cyberspace!"

“A small tribe of G.O.s are abandoned on a remote trading post somewhere on the internet landscape. They communicate through the language of Technospeak - a computerised shorthand they were born to live with...”


Enjoy the show, then buy us a Kofi!

This site is a labour of love from a fan of the show (who actually worked on it). All material is used with permission of the creative team, who offer it up to the world to watch for free, but if you enjoy the show please consider chipping in a pound or two on our Kofi page to support hosting costs. Any profits will go to The Edinburgh Fringe Society to to help them provide year-round support for the artists who bring the Edinburgh Fringe to life each year. You can also help by buying some of their cool merchandise!

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