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JHU Video Wall

November 2017

Video Wall designed for Johns Hopkins University

The Problem

Creation of a video news wall delivering topic-specific news to an engineering university.

UX Tools and Techniques 

  • Prototyping

  • Sketching

  • Thematic Analysis

  • UI Design

  • Video Production

  • Wireframing

Also, in terms of soft skills, the project required:

  • Collaboration

  • Communication Skills

  • Stakeholder Management

The Client

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) is an American university based in Baltimore, Maryland. As part of a new wing of their Whiting School of Engineering they commissioned a video wall to display internal and external news content created by Form and Content Media (FAC-Media). 

I was commissioned by FAC-Media to design the user interface for the video wall.

Designing the Video Wall

News stories related to fields of research at JHU are curated by FAC-Media for use on the Electrical and Computer Engineering website. As the stories are copyrighted, we are very limited to what we can use on the video wall. I conceived the idea of a "news tile" that we could create by scraping the story headline, a picture, and the first paragraph of text of the story. We could then add the logo of the publication, the publication date and and a four-figure code that people viewing the video wall could tap into an accompanying web app and directly link to the story.

Finalising the Design

After several tweaks to the design, and the addition of JHU's colour palette, fonts and logo, the following design was approved (this is a still from the live site)

Live Video Wall

The live video wall currently runs in in a communal area in the new Johns Hopkins wing, and the live feed can be seen here.

NB the design is responsive so that it can run on future video walls, and it is also optimised to run on a tablet devices for demonstration and monitoring purposes. 

Web App Design


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