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Wall-mount an iPad for a perfect Mindings solution (for a pound!)

A user recently mentioned that they planned to wall-mount Mindings.

The most common set-up for Mindings is an iPad on a stand, in the living room, taking the form of a picture frame. I personally have embedded an iPad in our kitchen – “KitchenMindings” a very convenient way for me to view Mindings content, and also watch Netflix and iPlayer in the kitchen!

DIY-building a Mindings Wall-Mount

I’ve often thought of ways of wall-mounting Mindings, but I’ve never found a suitable way to attached an iPad to a wall, and there’s also the issue of trailing power cables. Then, to my surprise I found a small and simple wall-mount in my local Poundland!

Adding some other items I had around the office, I created a perfect iPad wall-mount – in effect for £1! A list of the items required can be found below.

First I attached the x-shaped mount to an iPad shell case I’d bought on eBay for £1. I used an epoxy resin as the x-mount is flat, but the shell-case is slightly curved. The resin is strong, and fills in the gaps. It’s worth roughly sanding the shell-case where the x-mount lines up, to help the glue adhere. Also, be careful to get the orientation correct.

Using the template that comes with the x-mount, I put two screws in the wall (drilled and rawl-plugged). Under the iPad I used some left-over cable conduit to keep the cable neat. The conduit also gives additional support to the iPad. A left-handed Apple 30-pin dock connector keeps loose cables to a minimum, tucking neatly under the iPad and into the conduit.

And, viola, a very neat job, with a very secure wall-mounted iPad. Perfect for placing Mindings in a kitchen, near where the kettle is, which as well as being conveniently near a power supply is an optimum place to ensure Mindings is seen several times throughout a day (read a blog post about this very issue).

Shopping List

  • iPad shell case – eBay link – Costs from £1

  • Wall Mount from Fronnar – Amazon link, eBay link 1, eBay link 2 – Costs between £1 and £5

  • StarTech 2m (6 ft) Long Left Angle Apple 30-pin Dock Connector – Amazon link – Costs c.£12

  • Cable Trunking – B&Q link – Costs £6

If you have any tips, or need any help with setting up Mindings, please get in touch.

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