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Mindings recommended in new “Click Guide to Ageing Well” book

I was delighted to receive a Tweet from Jason Bergen:

Jason is the co-author, along with my Disruptive Social Care partner Shirley Ayres, of the new “The Click Guide to Ageing Well“.

The Click Guide to Ageing Well

The Click Guide to Ageing Well is an easy way to access online resources, highlight innovations and tell you about the many organisations working in the ageing sector. With sections ranging from community connections to sexual wellbeing the guide shows that living a good later life presents many opportunities along with the challenges!

Co-author Shirley Ayres says:

In the digital age older people deserve and expect to look forward to a fulfilling later life supported by technology.  The constant messages about “the elderly”being associated with isolation, loneliness and “bed blocking” need to be balanced with how digital technology can and is enhancing people’s lives.  We need visionary digital leaders who are able to build collaborations  and alliances across health, care, housing, charities, social enterprises, funders, digital innovators and the older people likely to use digital products and services.

Ageing Population

Older people now have more capacity, resources and access to knowledge than any previous generations. A quarter of the people who turned 50 in 2012 could live to be 100. We know that staying active, physically and mentally will support us to enjoy later life. The click guide to ageing well provides unique insights into how digital technology and social media are transforming the world of ageing

Mindings recommended by Click Guide

Mindings is recommended in the book as a service for family and friend support networks:

Mindings is a service that enables people to share text messages, personal captioned photos, calendar reminders, and much more, with technology-shy loved ones, on a digital photo frame. Designed as a light-touch telecare service, Mindings has been described as “Facebook for the technology-shy”, enabling effortless, regular, personal and meaningful connection. A single on-screen button sends confirmation and peace-of-mind to the sender that the content has been received.

How to Buy

The Click Guide to Ageing Well will be of interest to everyone over 50 and the many professionals working to transform ageing who want to explore and understand how digital resources can enhance lives.

You can buy an eBook for £4.99 and a paperback for £8.99 (plus p&p) from here.

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