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Variable font sizes help Mindings users with visual impairments

Mindings has a large range of settings to help users have the best possible experience. It’s well worth having a root around to see if there’s a setting that will make Mindings work better for you.

Mindings and visual impairment features

According to the Royal National Institute of Blind People one-in-five people over 75, and half of people in their nineties are living with sight loss. As text messages are such a fundamental part of the Mindings experience we have built in several features to aid people with visual impairments.

One of the most obvious and useful features is the ability to change the font sizes. On the General Settings tab on the Mindings Admin Website there is the option for text to be Small, Medium or Large.

This affects all of the text on the Mindings Viewer, so captions on pictures, and text on the calendar and “Text-O-Gram” text messages changes size.




A further feature of Text-O-Grams is that the text is dynamically sized, to display messsages as large as possible, up to the limit of font size you have selected. So, a longer text messages will result in the font size reducing, to attempt to fit it on the display.

If this feature is useful to you, check out this post about the different fonts Mindings has – some are more bold and prominent so could be very useful.

If you have any feedback, or need any help with setting up Mindings, please get in touch.

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