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To tick or untick

I'm on the National Express East Coast train traveling from Edinburgh to London and am delighted to discover that internet access is now free (you had to pay for it on GNER). Calling it "broadband" is a stretch, though - according to BroadbandSpeedchecker it's 136Kpbs Down and 85Kbps Up - but then again I am able to do *this* for free so I shouldn't complain.

Anyway to get the free internet you have to log in with an email address - technically there's no real reason why this is necessary... Once you give your email address you are then offered the usual "can we and some other random people send you spam" tick box. However, it's worded thus:

"If you do not wish to receive ... please untick the box"

For the second time this week such an option has strained my brain trying to figure out whether ticking the box will result in me getting spam or not.

Go on, try to figure it out yourself. Methinks the vagueness is intentional...

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