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McCain Rustic Oven Chips "buy" an award.

That's not *strictly* accurate...

1. McCain entered their product into the astroturf "Voted Product of the Year" award. A new category which hadn't existed in previous years, "Home Cooking", was created specially for them.

2. When Rustic Oven Chips were shortlisted (78% of all products entered were shortlisted in 2006), they were sent a bill for £4,750.

3. Taylor Nelson Sofres, a market research company who represent the majority of the previous award-winners, conducted a survey with over 12,000 consumers (of which only 60% responded) asking them which of this limited, pre-selected, paid-for-entry shortlist they preferred. Oh, and there was no need for the people surveyed to have even tasted McCain Rustic Oven Chips to vote for them, they could be judged simply from the accompanying blurb and glossy photo in the voting brochure.

4. On winning the category they had between a 1 in 2, or a 1 in 6 chance of winning, McCain were sent another bill for £12,500. For the next 12 months McCain can now boast to anyone who will listen about the "Voted Product of the Year" award they bought.

Can I stress, the award wasn't for "best taste" or anything worthwhile - it was for "Best Innovation in Home Cooking". Oven chips. Innovation (maybe in 1957)? Home Cooking ('cause they're so healthy)?

"Voted Product of the Year" is a cynically hoodwinking of the public.

(précised from a previous post)

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