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The (re)-launching of WebMindings – Mindings Viewer on your iPad

Mindings users may have noticed warning messages on their iPads mentioning that Mindings Viewer may “slow down” their iPad or that “Mindings Viewer” Needs to be Updated.

This is in advance of iOS 11 coming out in the Autumn of 2017, where all apps need to be 64-bit instead of 32-bit.

This is very annoying for me, as Mindings Viewer works just fine, and it will cost me money I don’t have to update it (Mindings is a personal project, not a business). In addition Mindings Viewer has been dropped from the App Store.

Resurrecting WebMindings

I hope to have an updated App out soon, but in the meantime my Mindings co-creator Ian Pleasance has created a workaround – actually resurrecting an old project called WebMindings, which is a Web App, you can easily set up, that gives you all of the functionality of the Mindings Viewer App.

WebMindings is a browser-based version of the Mindings Viewer App which works on an iPad without the need for an AppStore-downloaded App. Once set up, WebMindings works in an identical way to the Mindings Viewer App, apart from some settings functionality.

Mindings Viewer App and WebMindings work on all iPads, and it works particularly well on iPad 1, because support for iPad 1 ended with iOS 5.1.1 so no pop-up update reminders appear on-screen.

To set-up WebMindings on an iPad, launch Safari browser, and go to

(In the following images, left shows iPad 1 running iOS 5.1.1 and on the right , an iPad 4 running iOS 1.3.1)

When you see the Mindings login box, you next need to create a shortcut on the Home screen – this creates what is known as a Web App. On the browser bar, click on the icon that shows a box with an arrow coming out of it.

You have the option to change the name of the Web App, then click “Add to Home Screen”.

An icon will be created on the Home screen, that looks just like an App icon.

NB If you wish to use the useful iPad wallpaper on the left above, you can download it from

Pressing this icon will launch WebMindings. On entering your Username and Password, WebMindings will run as normal (the only addition is a bar at the top with the time, battery strength etc). WebMindings will also remember your Username and Password for the next time you launch it.

If you have any problems setting up WebMindings, please get in touch.

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