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The Fanboy Geek TV Awards - Day 3 of 3

It's Day 3 of 3 of the FanboyGeek TV Awards 2007. There's no democracy, they're all my choices, but please leave comments, and let me know your nominations.

Gutted it's Cancelled I was really saddened that the fabulous Knights of Prosperity was canned, but my award has to go to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Yes it was fatally flawed and way up it's own ass, but Aaron Sorkin is a God in my eyes, and my life is so empty without the West Wing that I'd have watched Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry read out a telephone directory if Aaron Sorkin adapted it. At least we get to see the final episodes now NBC have deigned to show them.

Not Surprised it Was Cancelled Jericho. Damn shame, as it had a great premise. The people of a rural Kansas town see a nuclear bomb destroy nearby Denver, Colorado and discover that all the major US cities have been destroyed - perhaps by the Chinese... Promising to be Lost, it became Picket Fences.

Just Discovered Classic Did you love on Apollo 13 when they make an air filter from odds and end in the lunar module? The extraordinary series From the Earth to the Moon from HBO in 1998 is full of moments like that. It's an extraordinary 12 episode, multi-award-winning series created by Tom Hanks and Ron Howard, who brought us the aforementioned Apollo 13. What makes the series special is the individuality of each episode, with writers such as Remi Aubuchon and Graham Yost; directors such as Frank Marshall, Jon Turtletaub, Jonathan Mostow and Hanks himself; and composers such as Michael Kamen, James Newton Howardand Brad Fiedel. And a cast to die for. Frankly this was the finest creative team ever assembled for a TV series since Jesus of Nazareth. I cried during every episode. In a cynical and dark world, this inspiring series restored my faith in what mankind can collectively do if puts its mind to it.

Wildcard Entourage was great fun. I avoided it for three series thinking it was just a debauched OC but I was hooked after two episodes. I know it's a guilty pleasure, but I get the feeling that its insights into the new Hollywood Brat Pack is frighteningly close to reality...

Well that's it from me for this year. I hope you agreed with at least some of my choices - please leave your comments and let me know.

Stu ;-)

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