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Those damn annoying "dancing" NBC logos

Broadcast TV is dying on its arse. There is not a *single* TV programme that I watch "live" on any channel, with my viewing life consisting of downloads, time-shifting on my PVR and DVD box-sets. Likewise with most people I know (including my Mum!). In the UK we're rather spoiled and most people don't realise it. The multiple BBC channels don't carry commercials or sponsorship at all and the number of ads per hour on commercial TV is comparatively low and tightly regulated. Plus, sponsorship is still uncommon and product-placement frowned upon. When I first started visiting the US the plethora of TV channels was a novelty and hours were spent surfing. Now that the novelty has worn off, I find watching live TV in America intolerable, with up to 21 minutes of commercials per hour. Sports is impossible to watch with all the additional visual advertising and sponsorship promotion ("The Budweiser Man of the Match", brought to you by GM and Viagra" etbloodycetera). Broadcast TV is so tedious and inconvenient to watch that the rental of TV series is competing with movies, and the purchase of TV box-sets is outstripping movies (eg in the US 26 of the Top 50 DVD sellers at Barnes and Noble are TV box sets, and similarly 18 of the Top 50 in the UK at Amazon).

Downloads are proving hugely popular with 600 shows now available on iTunesalone and not forgetting other kinds of downloads. So, what innovative ideas have broadcasters come up to improve the popularity of their broadcast shows? Well, NBC decided to animate their on-screen DOG/bug logo in a way that makes the Microsoft paper-clip look endearing.

The Peacock's feathers dance away in the corner of the screen screaming "look at me, don't watch this programme, look what's coming up next, I know you're trying to follow the dialogue in this scene but look how cleverly I've been animated, wheeeeee!" Little f*cker. It then throws up pictures (like I don't know what the Bionic Woman looks like - "oh look at her, she's in leather, wooooo") and sometimes they're even animated. Great, now I've lost the thread of what's going on in the programme I'M TRYING TO WATCH!

What utter, utter cretin thought this was a good idea that wouldn't annoy the pants off viewers? Here are some "notes" for NBC: (1) You only have 2 1/2 good programmes (Heroes, The Office, Bionic Woman). Why are you pissing viewers off and making them not want to watch your channel? (2) Aren't 21 minutes per hour of commercials enough for you? (3) In what way do you think that the viewer gives a toss what's coming up next? They're trying to enjoy the current programme! (4) Treating your viewers with contempt is not the way to win their hearts. Idiots.

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