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Support for dyslexic users, with OpenDyslexic font on Mindings

Mindings‘ Founder Stuart Arnott produces and presents “The Disruptive Social Care Podcast” with social care advocate Shirley Ayres. In this fortnightly programme, available on iTunes and YouTube, Stuart and Shirley discuss innovation in social care with guests from the world of social care and technology innovation.

The story of the “OpenDyslexic fontcame out this week, and was discussed on the show.

Font aids readers with Dyslexia

The font was originally developed to help readers with dyslexia. By having “heavy-weighted bottoms” the font is grounded and is less likely to flip and rotate in the minds of a dyslexic reader.

Created by developer Abelardo Gonzalez as a response to expensive alternative fonts, he open-sourced it to make it available to as many people as possible.

OpenDyslexic Font added to Mindings

On reading about the project, the Mindings Team immediately installed the font so that Mindings users could benefit from it. So, now everyone using Mindings can choose the OpenDyslexic font from several font options in the General Setting tab of the Admin website.

Read more about the OpenDyslexic font on the BBC News website, and do get in touch please let us know about your experience using it!

The Mindings Team

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