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Prototype dedicated Mindings device commissioned

Mindings has been working with specialist industrial and engineering design studio Instrument Industries to design a dedicated Mindings device.

Mindings as an App

Currently Mindings is a Web App and an iOS App, running on Apple iPads. We also created Mindings as an Android App, but it is no longer supported (although is available for trailing and demonstrating here).

Ultimately, though, we've always believed that for Mindings to be a scalable commercial service it needs to run on a dedicated device.

Mindings as a dedicated device

There is no plan for this Mindings Device to be anything other than a testbed. We are often asked

Some proposed designs for the Mindings Device

Technical Specification of the prototype Mindings Device

The Mindings Device is a bespoke single board computer and display based on the UDOO board. The operating system is a UDOObuntu, a Linux version specific to the UDOO with a customised Chromium browser and startup scripts to launch the Mindings software. The display is 15,6" LCD touch screen display capable of reading single touch inputs and basic gestures.

The Mindings Device has all the features of a standard computer, incorporating removable flash memory, a WiFi module, HDMI, speakers or headphone output and microphone input. It runs off a low voltage 12V 2A transformer and could be modified to accommodate a battery for portability.

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