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Mindings presented at care transformation event

With continuing cuts to budgets and increasing demand on care, local authorities are looking to digital innovation to transform public services.

The East of England Local Government Association today held their “Transform, Engage, Accelerate”conference, joining experts from Microsoft, Capgemini and the Eastern Academic Health Science Network to discuss how digital approaches and technologies offer the opportunity to re-shape public services and fundamentally shift relationships with citizens and communities.

Mindings’ Stuart Arnott and Ryan Lang used the opportunity to present the new vision for Mindings. After two successful clinical trials and extensive testing with a number of beta testers, we are re-focussing Mindings from being a service primarily for sharing pictures with family members, to a service focussed on what our users tell us that Mindings is great at:

What you are doingMindings has a powerful calendar and suite of reminder tools that can help people live independently.

What you could be doingMindings can be used to offer suggestions of activities and events users can be participate in.

What others are doingMindings is the perfect social hub, keeping technology-shy loved ones in the loop.

What you are thinking and feelingMindings wellbeing measurement framework keeps family and carers appraised of the users’ wellbeing.

Watch Stuart’s presentation below, and watch this space for developments of this new Mindings vision.

Mindings Team

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