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Mindings plus Skype – can they work together?

Skype is a terrific App that’s been a great boon, particularly for families that span a distance. We hear many stories of how it’s the main way in which grandparents speak to, and develop a relationship with their grandchildren.

We often get asked if there is any way in which we could integrate Skype with Mindings.

Well, apart from technically not being able to do this (we can’t just build Skype into Mindings), the concept of Mindings has always been that it’s for people who are technology-shy and adding an additional complex feature into Mindings would go against that original vision.

However, Mindings was originally built for my own father, and after some time, he began to ask if he could use Skype on his Mindings iPad. So, is there a workaround for people who really want to give it a try?

Mindings plus Skype – The Workaround

Some time ago we created a set of iPad Wallpapers for Mindings users, that highlights the Mindings icon – the other icons are kept in a folder on the second desktop (which you can reveal by swiping left on the iPad screen)

If the Menu button is accidentally pressed, or if the iPad is accidentally unplugged, this makes Mindings easier to relaunch (particularly if you are having to talk someone how to do it over a phone!).

So, to enable Mindings and Skype to work side-by-side, we have created a new wallpaper that has spots for both icons:

Go to the dedicated page for iPad wallpapers where you will find several wallpaper and instructions on how to install it.

With Skype running constantly in the background, and Mindings running in the foreground, a user can press the iPad Menu button to go to this background wallpaper, and see how they can launch Skype by tapping the icon. When the call is finished, press the iPad Menu button again, and tap the Mindings icon and it will re-launch.

According to Microsoft, the Skype for iPad App can run on iOS 7:

Skype system requirements: iOS 8.0 or above (If you are using iOS 7 or earlier, you can download the last compatible version by tapping install/update and following the prompt to download)

This would mean that you would have to be running Mindings on an iPad 2 or above.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it works!

If you have any experience trying this solution, do let us know! Feedback is always welcome, and we’d love to share any tips you have –

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