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Mindings introduced powerful new Reminders feature

Mindings already has a powerful calendar feature that allows it to be connected on several online calendar services, such as Google Calendar and Apple’s iCloud Calendar. To make Mindings even more useful, and to help make sure that important appointments aren’t missed, we have now created a new “Reminders” feature.


Many online calendars have an “alert” or notification” option, that will trigger a sound, an alert or an email to remind the user of an upcoming appointment. Mindings uses that information to generate an on-screen reminder message.

Mindings new Reminder feature.

Mindings new Reminder feature

If Mindings is set up to utilise the GotIt! feature, and an alert/notification is set, it will trigger Mindings to pause the rotation of pictures and messages and show the bright yellow reminder screen. To remove the Reminder the User taps the on-screen GotIt! button to acknowledge it, and the person who set up the calendar event will then receive an email or text to let them know that the reminder has been seen – giving them some reassurance that their loved one has remembered their appointment.

We’ve also made it easier to link specifically to Google Calendars, with specific option on the Calendar tab on the Mindings Admin Website  so you can now quickly and simply connect a Mindings account to an existing Google account and calendar.

The Mindings Team

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