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Mindings discussed on SFM radio technology feature

Mindings‘ Stuart Arnott was the guest on the SFMMonday Matters with Jason McCrossan” radio show last night. The interview was one of a series about technology that Jason has been featuring on his weekly show.  This week Jason wanted to explore how seniors experience technology.

Being a passionate advocate for digital inclusion, Stuart discussed how Mindings helps the technology-shy be better connected to their families by simplifying the user experience.

Among the subjects they touched upon, Stuart reminded Jason that the “older generation” aren’t scared of technology, they after all put a man on the moon, but it’s the rate of change that is the problem; he wagered that in twenty years our generation will be scouring eBay looking for old iPhones as that is the technology they’re most comfortable with; and he explained why he gets frustrated with technology that can’t be repaired!

Listen to the full interview here:

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