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“Mindings Clinical Study” to be presented at Kings Fund Telecare Conference

This summer, five “prototype” Mindings picture frames were used in a clinical study in a major London hospital to see if Mindings could help people during their recovery from major brain injuries (stroke, road traffic accident etc). After such an injury patients often remain in hospital for up to six months, which is difficult for patients, and their families. The study tested to see if Mindings could improve the patient’s memory, and/or improve their well-being.

On 24 November, the researcher and myself presented preliminary findings at a research conference at the hospital. The main conclusion is that not only did patient well-being dramatically improve, but so did their family’s. Among other things, the families said that they felt they were really helping with their loved-one’s recovery.

The research will be published in the New Year (hence why I currently can’t say too much about the details of the study), but today The Kings Fund confirmed that the research paper has been accepted as a poster presentation and speaking slot at their “International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare” in March 2012.

To say we are delighted would be an understatement…!

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