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Mindings Clinical Study – first results!

Today was an extremely exciting day for Mindings! During the summer, five “prototype” Mindings picture frames were used in a clinical study in a major London hospital to see if Mindings could help people during their recovery from major brain injuries (stroke, road traffic accident etc). Patients often remain in hospital for up to six months – you can imagine how difficult that is for them, and their families. So, we tested to see if Mindings could improve the patient’s memory, and/or improve their well-being.

Today, the researcher and myself presented preliminary findings at a research conference at the hospital. The results – well, we’ll be writing more about it soon, but the main conclusion is that not only did patient well-being dramatically improve, but so did their family’s, who felt they were really helping with their loved-one’s recovery.

So, really exciting stuff, which we’ll elaborate on more when the research is published very soon!

The Mindings Team

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