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Instagram integration comes to Mindings!

Instagram is a free photo-sharing service that’s taken the social media world by storm – in September this year they announced that there were 100 million users worldwide.

Running on an App on iPhone and Android phones, Instagram enables users to take a picture, add some digital filters to it, then share it with other Instagram users.

Quite simply, Instagram is for people who love sharing pictures – it enables you to quickly take quirky and interesting snaps and share them with your friends.  And, like other social networks, your friends can “Like” the picture and leave comments.  Even celebrities like TV-chef Jamie Oliver, street magician Dynamo and Hollywood actress Zooey Deschanel are in on the game, using Instagram to share their online lives with fans.

Even if you don’t have Instagram yourself, you might have seen Instagram pictures – often recognisable by their square Polaroid-style shape and border – on your Facebook Wall, as users can connect their Instagram account to Facebook.

Instagram – now showing on Mindings!

We love Instagram – so we’ve enabled Mindings users to connect their Instagram account to their Mindings account, and we’ve rolled out this new feature to everyone today – for FREE!

Uniquely, we pull in the caption and sender information, and display it on the picture just like your normal pictures on Mindings, with an optional Instagram logo in the top right-hand corner.

Not only that, we’ve made Instagram work with our unique “GotIt!” feature.  If the Mindings user touches the onscreen GotIt! logo, Instagram acknowledges that they have “Liked” the picture.  If your phone is so set up, you’ll get an alert – letting you know they’ve seen your picture.  That could be very reassuring…

Why not give it a try? What better way to share your life in pictures with your technology-shy family – or even your tech-savvy family who are just too busy to keep on top of all their social media accounts?

We’ve added, Facebook, now we’ve added Instagram. And if that wasn’t enough we’re currently testing Twitter integration (if you want to be a beta tester for that drop us a line…).

Mindings is Social Media Supercharged!

If you don’t have a Mindings account, sign up today and get a months’ free trial.

Let us know how you get on with it!

The Mindings Team

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