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Improved ‘GotIt!’ updates

If you use the Mindings ‘GotIt!’ feature, you’ll already be getting messages when your friend or family member (the ‘User’) has acknowledged a Text-O-Gram or email.   Now we’ve improved the Admin site so you can see whenever the User has interacted with Mindings.

Simply go to the Account tab of the Mindings Admin Site and click on Account Status.  Near the bottom of the page you can see each date and time that the User acknowledges a picture or message, including those sent via Facebook and Instagram, and including those sent by other people to the User.

From time to time, Mindings checks that its service is still running (called a ‘ping’).  You can see pings and any problems Mindings detects, so you can make sure that everything is still running perfectly.

This information would be useful in an App, wouldn’t it…?  Watch this space…!

Mindings Team

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