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How Mindings GotIt! feature lets users know their loved-ones are okay

One of the most powerful features of Mindings is GotIt!

With GotIt! the person using Mindings can let the sender of a picture or message know that it’s been received.

GotIt! works with pictures and text messages (“Text-O-Grams“). It works in different ways and does different things, but the point is that all the user needs to know is that by touching the Got-It! icon on the bottom right of the screen (or pressing the Space Bar if they’re using Mindings on a computer) they’re letting the sender know they’ve seen the picture or message.

So, what does GotIt! actually do when the user touches the icon?

  • If you sent an SMS text message to Mindings, GotIt! sends you a text message back

  • If you sent a picture via email, GotIt! send you an email back to the same address

  • If you sent a picture via MMS, GotIt! send you a text message back to the same phone number

So, by sending pictures and messages to Mindings, you get responses back – letting you know the user is well, and interacting with the world.  How reassuring is that?

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added two additional features.

  • We’ve made GotIt! optional

  • We’ve added the option for Text-O-Grams to “pause” Mindings.

We’ve found that by making Text-O-Grams pause Mindings, the user is more likely to notice the message and respond (motivated by wanting to see pictures of their family again!). Once the user acknowledges the Text-O-Gram then Mindings continues.

So, go to the “General Settings” tab in the Mindings Admin Site and try it out!

The Mindings Team

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