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Foreign language font support comes to Mindings

We were recently touched by the story of an elderly Chinese man, living with dementia, in a care home outside London. He speaks almost no English so his communication with others is very limited – compounding the feelings of loneliness and confusion that dementia brings. So, it raised the question, could Mindings work with non-Roman characters?

This is something that we’d considered before as clearly the people who could benefit from Mindings most of all would be people with families living a great distance away. In particular, young Chinese and Asian people – great world travellers – living far away from their parents and grandparents.

On hearing the story we thought, “let’s just give it a try”. And we’re delighted to say that it works!

Multiple foreign-language fonts!

The good news too, is that it’s not just Chinese. We’ve added the following fonts:

  • Batang (Korean)

  • Browallia (Thai)

  • YaHei (Simplified Chinese)

  • MingLiu (Traditional Chinese)

  • JengHei (Japanese)

  • Traditional Arabic (Arabic)

  • David (Hebrew)

Check out the examples below.

We hope that users find this feature useful. We’d love to get feedback!

The Mindings Team

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