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Financial Times profiles Mindings in Silver Economy article

The Financial Times are currently running a series of article on “The Silver Economy”.

This week Deputy Companies Editor Daniel Thomas interviewed me and wrote an article on the subject of “The Silver Economy and Connected Baby Boomers“, and discussed the creation of Mindings.

Mindings creation

The article mentions how I created Mindings for my technology-shy father, and how I regularly keep him in touch with his granddaughter:

“This weekend, we sent pictures as we were camping in Epping Forest,” Mr Arnott says of the service, called Mindings, which is now being trialled by the National Health Service. We can’t visit him every day but he can see when my daughter is going to her ballet classes and then see her in action.”

According to research, older users are driving growth in the UK’s social networking, for example, with more than a third of people aged 55-64 using such websites compared with less than a quarter in 2011.

Social TeleCare

With Mindings having participated in two clinical trials, with positive outcomes, we are keeping a keen eye on the telecare market with our unique “Social TeleCare” model.

Connectivity for the elderly does not just mean to the internet, but also to their friends and families as well as services ranging from the essential to frivolous. Technology is changing lives – making people live longer and more healthily.

Read a PDF download of the full article here.

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