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Dispensing Brita Water

While filming in a city office last week I happened upon a Klix machine.

Now, I'm fascinated by Klix machines, because it amazes me that any of their machines are sold; the tea and coffee tastes the same - a very unpleasant hybrid mix of both. They also dispense Cup-A-Soup, and "Starbust Orange" which has all of the "taste" of Bird's Appeal . Need I say more about the contempt employers must have for their employees by supplying these machines instead of a kettle and some PG-Tips and Nescafé?

However, what caught my attention about his machine was the offering of "Brita" water.

Now, if it was offering me "Volvic" water, I'd know it was mineral water from Auvergne in France. If it was "Buxton Spring" I'd know it came from a spring in the Peak District. And, if it was "Highland Spring" it came from the Ochil Hills in Perthshire, Scotland.

So, where does "Brita" water come from? Well, it comes from whatever tap the Klix machine is connected to. What makes it "Brita" water is that it's passed through a Brita filter.

Wow! They're selling a branded beverage, without actually having to ship the product. That's genius! When you get mixer Coca Cola in a pub, at least you're getting Coca Cola syrup (mixed with fizzed-up tap water). All Brita need to do here is supply Klix with some of their filters. And I'd imagine that Klix have to put filters in their machine's anyway.

The power of the brand, eh? Got me thinking about how I could adapt this idea to my business. (I haven't figured it out yet...).

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