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Burn's Supper 2007!

Every year, Red Planet's Stuart Arnott hosts a Burn's Supper, in memory of Scotland's nation bard Robert Burns.

Starting in 1993 while at University, Stuart gathers friends together to sample haggis and do a "turn" - a Scottish party tradition where anyone can contribute by performing a recitation, singing a song or anything that will raise a smile. Previous years have produced demonstrations of the Haka, operatic arias and comic verse.

This year saw over 50 people gather in O'Neills at Kings Cross. Some fabulous haggis was enjoyed (the first time for some), some Burn's poetry was performed by a bekilted Stuart, and some fabulous turns were performed and greatly enjoyed.

Here are a couple of clips; one of Johnny, Tina, Grant and Julie with their Bill Bailey-inspired Kraftwerk tribute, and another of the inimitable Dan Mellow with his self-penned Borat-inspired song.

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