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We meet a legend!

I wrote about the England v Portugal game below, but something interesting happened when we left.

As we were waiting outside the Gesenkirchen Veltins Arena (home of FC Schalke 04), and we bumped into the famous England Supporters Band (sponsored by Pukka Pies!).

I quickly snapped off a few photos of them and let them go on their way as they were a bit down in the dumps, not surprisingly.

Anyway, I was later looking at the photos to delete the ones where people were blinking etc, when I noticed the bloke on the right. It's the legendary Bernie Clifton!

Looking closer at the picture, it even appears that he has Oswald the Ostrich with him! I can only speculate that he plays the trombone while riding an ostrich. Boy do I wish I had a picture of that!

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