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The Fanboy Geek TV Awards - Day 1 of 3

Being "Season Finalé" week in the States, I'm delighted to announce that it's also Day 1 of 3 of the FanboyGeek TV Awards 2007. There's no democracy, they're all my choices, but please leave comments, and let me know your nominations.

Best Drama There's an embarrassment of riches for this award this year. From the wonderful guilty pleasure that is Prison Break, to The Wire which has been likened to the great works of literature. The Shield is still delivering the grittiest kick-ass show on television, and although 24 is dipping, it is still essential viewing. Lost was on jump the shark watch but recovered well and almost came into contention. My vote, though, has to go to the consistently astonishing Battlestar Galactica, which has delivered the most jaw-dropping moments in television this year. Superlatives fail this programme. Just watch it, or throw out your television.

Best Light Drama Life on Mars was a genius idea, well executed with good writing, great cast and (for a change) a conclusion at the end of the series. Ugly Betty has been a delight, with its lovely performances, witty writing and clever direction. However, for its topical scripts and scenery-chewing performances by a wonderful ensemble cast, Boston Legal takes the crown for me.

Best New Drama Is The Tudors fabulous or trash? I'm not sure yet but I'm loving it. Visually sumptuous, bawdy and vulgar, with great performances from a top-notch cast - it's the new Rome. However, there was only ever going to be one winner this year - Heroes. Tim Kring and his perfectly written scripts and superb casting delivered the most consistently gripping show on television.

Best Comedy South Park, now on its eleventh season still delivers some of the most prescient social comment to be found on television (along with poo jokes). I think it should be on the national curriculum. Despite my love for the programme, though, there is only one winner here. The American version of The Office, with its 52 episodes, has now excelled the Ricky Gervais BBC original. A perfect cast and the most consistently funny scripts on television in a decade make this the single show I look forward to most each week. I only wish I could speak French so I could watch La Job and Le Bureau.

Best New Comedy This wasn't a good year for new comedies. Of 54 pilots, only a handful were commissioned, and new series dropped like flies. 30 Rock was very watchable, if a bit hit or miss. My favourite was the Knights of Prosperity, a witty comedy about a group of New York misfits who plan to pull themselves out of their dull lives by robbing Mick Jagger. A funny premise, witty scripts, and a charming cast. The real crime was that it only lasted 9 episodes.

More to come

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