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Steal This Film II - Premier & BBC Today programme

Friday 18th January saw the FanboyGeekJanuary MeetUp host the Premier London screening of the League of Noble Peers' "Steal This Film II".

The screening took place in the luxurious surroundings of the Rex Cinema in Soho's Rupert Street. After, a panel discussion took place featuring an enlightening special live video appearance via Skype by the film's co-writer and intellectual property and communications researcher Alan Toner.

The film was well received, and while most people agreed with the sharing ethos of the film, there was much discussion about how artists will be fairly paid in this new world. As such the debate went on into the small hours in the Rex's bar then onto Chinatown until the small hours!

Such was the positive reception that Jon and I have decided that we'll make this kind of open live event a regular occurrence. Watch this space!

ps FanboyGeek Pallab Ghosh presented a package on the film on the BBC Radio Four Today programme on Tuesday 22 Jan. Listen to it below.

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