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So, who do we support...?!

Well, that's a good question, and one we get asked all the time.

We came out here with our Scotland tops, and where safe (!) we wear them, but we also came out here planning to support Trinidad and Tobago (as you do, as sanctioned by Jack Mcconnell and Alex Salmond).

But, I then fell for the charm of the South Koreans.

We (well I anyway) decided after a while that it was acceptible to support our English neighbours, and we proudly promoted our very own World Cup song "Come on England".

Last night, while watching the South Korea v France game (go Fighting Koreans!) we met some lovely Brazilian fans.

Keir then put on his Brazil top and I changed back into my Scotland top, which the Brazilians desperately wanted to swap for. So, now you can add Brazilians to the people we're cheering on.

Then on the way to our rooms that evening we bumped into some Swedes, who were lovely too, and so we're kind of going to cheer them on too tomorrow (against England, hmmm that will be interesting).

I haven't answered my original question, though, have I? So, for the record, here's my answer: "We're here following England's progress through the World Cup, and as Scotland's neighbours I wish them well and will be happy if they win - as long as they stop talking about it quickly. However, as a perpetual fan of the underdog, I will be rooting for South Korea, but I have a fondness for the Trinidadians, who have such a strong tie to Scotland. And the Americans deserve to do well to beacause they were robbed against Italy, played good football, told a linesman that it was a corner to Italy in an extraordinary act of sportsmanship, and the fans were lovely. Oh yeah, and my wife's American so I've got to say that".

Sitting on the fence, huh?!

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