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Scots at the World Cup

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Think we're out here alone? Two Scots that is (and the only reason we're here is because we're working). Wrong. There are loads of Scots here, and it's because they love the whole carnival atmosphere of the World Cup. And you know what, some of them are even cheering on England. Okay, they're also cheering Ghana, South Korea, Trinidad etc, but all are having a great time out here soaking up the atmosphere and being fabulous ambassadors for Scotland.

Meet our new best mate Fraser McMinigal from Troon.

We met Fraser at the Fanfest event in Franfurt where they erected a giant 2-sided screen in the middle of the river running through Frankfurt and had grandstands either side. It was the Italy v Ghana game and there was an enormous party atmosphere there, and despite the long hours we've been working, we didn't leave until 3am.

Most of the non-Italians were supporting plucky Ghana. After the game, we bumped into some great Welsh lads and blethered with them for hours. Check out the size of the beers we have in our hands (Fraser has two!) - a round which cost poor Fraser €66! (we all chipped in). An incredible night - and Fraser, if you're out there, you're a guid lad!

Oh, and ask me the one about Lee Sharpe's passport. It's not for print...

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