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“Patient Opinion” CEO backs Mindings

Paul Hodgkin, Chief Executive of Patient Opinion recently appeared on an episode of “The Disruptive Social Care Podcast“.

Prompted by social care advocate Shirley Ayres‘ assertion that “on the assistive technology front, I don’t want a black box, I want Mindings, Paul responded:

(Mindings) is a classic example rising out of the public, not out of the service side, and intrinsically that’s going to be more interesting. If you think that every household in Britain over the last ten years has spent £300 on phones, broadband, PCs, you get to £75 billion. That infrastructure is much bigger than the £10 billion that the NHS spent on not getting “Connecting for Health” over the same decade, and you just suddenly realise why Mindings, and things coming-out of that £75 billion are likely to be more disruptive than black boxes coming of of the £10 billion, it just stands to reason. It’ll not always be true, obviously always be good things coming out of the NHS, but if you were to place your bets, I’d place them on Mindings…

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The Disruptive Social Care Podcast is a provocative fortnightly discussion programme promoting innovation in social care. The show is hosted by seasoned social care advocate and social media maven Shirley Ayres, and entrepreneur and multimedia producer Stuart Arnott. Guests regularly feature from the worlds of social care and technology innovation.

The Mindings Team

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