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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

On the day of England's game against Trinidad and Tobago, Red Planet is launching its own World Cup Song!

We're so tired of the commercialism of the World Cup, and especially the cynical cashing in by everyone and their Grannie and releasing songs - Stan Boardman at number 5 in the charts for heavens sake. The man continues to contribute to racial intollerance every time he sets foot on the stage. The World Cup, we are discovering, is about friendship, and breaking down borders. We're having an amazing time out here meeting people from every corner of the globe, and all are united by the desire to have a good time, enjoy the cameraderie, and watch the Beautiful Game.

So, here is our song, created by our friends lukon5 (Simon Moore and Brent Ashdown). And we offer it for free to the people of England. Radio One won't play it because it has England in the title!

Remember, we're Scottish, but we're happy to sing along with our English neighbours and celebrate with them whether winning or losing.

Come on England!

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