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Our first match - England v Paraguay

We had a ball at England's opening match. Okay, it wasn't the most inspiring game of football, and it was all over after 3 minutes, but the atmosphere was just amazing. We were not very far from the brass band that played throughout the match, which certainly added some atmosphere! The shouting of "no surrender" during the national anthem was disappointing, but we saw no signs of trouble whatsoever during the match, and for that matter throughout our stay here.

It's an amazing stadium, and guarantees a great view no-matter where you sit. We had a bit of bother getting there as some students held a protest and blocked a train line, and taxis weren't going anywhere near that stadium. However, three of us persuaded a nice lady taxi driver to take us there for a large bribe, and Lee and the rest of the gang managed to get there when the trains eventually started running.

Here are a couple of pics of us at the game, and also a panorama I put together. from where we sat.

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