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New iPad Mindings App coming soon!

Mindings is now better than ever on an iPad.  We’re currently doing final tests on our new iOS App, which means it will be much easier to find, install and try out — as well as performing even better than our current web App.

Our new App works on all iPads so, if you’re upgrading, you could pass your old iPad 1 on to a relative or friend who would benefit from Mindings.  Alternatively, you could treat them to a second hand iPad 1.  They can be great value, as they’re such good build quality and people look after them.  Your local CeX Computer Exchange is a good place to look – quality second-hand goods with a twelve-month warranty.

The App will also work on iPhones.  Wherever you are, you can now try out Mindings on your iPhone before subscribing a friend or family member.  Once they’re up and running, you can then use your iPhone to check in on what’s appearing on their screen.

Watch this space!

Mindings Team

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