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New Feature: Increased Calendar frequency

We know that Mindings‘ multi-user shared calendar is useful because our users keep telling us!  Some of the features that make it so effective are:

  • Simple and clear display

  • Built-in calendar application

  • Synchronisation with most popular online calendars including iCal, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and Windows Live/Hotmail/Outlook

  • Supports subscriptions to public calendars such as public holiday and weather calendars

  • Options for past events to be removed, or shown faded

  • Supports recurring events

And, of course, your Mindings account can be set to the timezone of the user (ask our Australian and American users!).

We believe that the calendar is a powerful tool because it helps families share everything from important events such as health appointments, to personal events such as family birthdays, a reminder that someone is visiting (no-one likes unexpected visitors!) or even a reminder about that final episode of that TV drama they’ve been watching.

“I know that my mum wouldn’t like to forget a family birthday.  To remind mum the day before or the week before so she’s got time to buy a card and put it in the post is really useful”. Gill (Mindings user)

There’s a good reason that the calendar is so powerful and effective.  It was designed and built with input and feedback from real users (we call it “person-centred design“).  In that way we know that what are are creating really is a useful tool to help people live independently.

“We use the calendar to help mum know what’s coming that day.  It only shows what’s on that day which is perfect for mum … it tells her what’s coming and when and how long it will last.  I’m certain that Mindings is really helpful for mum in helping her stay independent at home”. Susan (Mindings user)

So, our latest calendar feature came from a plea from a user:

“I’m writing to see if there is any scope to tweak the calendar function for Mum – (her) confusion over forthcoming events and the profound anxiety that this has caused is by far her most distressing problem and the most difficult to help. We have been unable to find a paper calendar format which is suitable for Mum … unless a person is physically there to change the calendar sheet for her she has no idea what day it is…she is losing the ability to recall the sequence of days. Clearly, the Mindings calendar is the ideal solution… Is there a way that the calendar could display on alternate screens within the stream?”

The answer was yes, and today we’ve rolled out the new feature for everyone.  We’ve even given some additional frequency options.  Check in the Settings in the Calendar tab of the Mindings Admin website.

We mean it when we say that we value feedback!

We hope that you find the feature useful.

Mindings Team

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