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Mindings Viewer App update now available for iPad (1.2.1)

Today we’ve released the latest version of the Mindings Viewer app for iPad. This is an optional update, but we strongly recommend that our users upgrade as it has two important features which are beneficial to many users

1 – Better performance on slow/poor quality Internet connections.

In rare instances, particularly on startup, the app didn’t always respond well to the connection dropping out – this has been improved.

2 – Secure connections to the Mindings servers.

We’ve added this mainly for users with low-cost or mobile Internet providers.  Quite commonly, we’ve found that these providers try to modify the Mindings service pages or images.  This can be by compressing Mindings images (to reduce data usage), or even inserting tracking data into the Mindings datastream.

It can have the effect of making Mindings display our red ‘connection error’ icon, or the user seeing a noticeable reduction in the quality of images or text.

If you experience either of these, try enabling our secure connections.  This makes the app communicate with the Mindings servers in such a way that the Internet provider can’t modify the Mindings datastream or images.

You can enable secure connections by using the app ‘Swipe up’ menu, selecting ‘Settings’ and turning ‘Secure connection’ to ‘On’.  (The ‘Swipe Up’ menu appears when you run the app, put two fingers in the middle of the screen and ‘swipe’ them upwards.)

If you already have the iOS app installed then you’ll find the update to version 1.2.1 waiting in your App Store icon’s ‘Upgrades’ tab.  If not, you can download it from the Apple App store.

The Mindings Team

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