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Mindings showcased at London Fellow’s Day event

The Centre for Welfare Reform, in partnership with Relative Matters, ran a London seminar yesterday on innovation and policy for older people.  Hosted by Simon Duffy, Director of The Centre for Welfare Reform, and Chris Moon-Willems of Relative Matters, the event was well attended by people from as far afield as Coventry and Monmouthshire.

Presentations were made by, among others, social care innovators such as Gill Phillips of Whose Shoes?, Chris Minett of Action for Ageing, and Mindings‘ Stuart Arnott. Lively discussions followed, with contributions from Martin Routledgeof Think Local Act Personal, and social care writer and advocate, and host of the Disruptive Social Care Podcast, Shirley Ayres.

Organisers Chris Moon-Willems and Simon Duffy, facilitating discussion of Stuart’s presentation.

The event focussed on “adding life to years” and the challenges being faced by a social care service of a growing senior population, reducing budgets, and delivering better services – putting older people at the centre of their care, giving them choice and control and treating them with dignity, compassion and respect.

Shirley Ayres and her new “The Click Guide…” publication.

An entertaining lunch session encouraged participants to sum up their care services in a simple poster. Mindings‘ Stuart Arnott won the prize for fewest words (and most use of the colour pens) with this poster. Does this explain Mindings to you?

Mindings Team

Chris Minnett’s book “Action for Ageing” is available on Amazon.

Read more about Shirley Ayre’s publication “The Click Guide to Digital Technology for Adult Care” on her website.

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