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Mindings on the map

We’ve just launched a great new free feature to help your loved one keep up to date with what you’re up to! If you use Facebook or Foursquare to ‘check in’ to a location, Mindings can now display your location on a map, along with your comments.

Often, older people vicariously live their lives through their families – and this is a great way of not only letting your loved one know what you’re doing, they can now literally see where you are!

And this is what Foursquare think about it:

“I think what you are doing is great.”

Omid Ashtari, Managing Director Europe of Foursquare

You can choose the map scale, showing street-level, local, regional or international views. Whether you’re an international jet-setter or based in an area your loved one knows well, you can show the amount of detail they would most appreciate, and enable them to share in more of your activities.

“Street Level” Map Setting

“Local” Map Setting

“Regional” Map Setting

“International” Map Setting

Log in to your Mindings Admin Account, click on the Social Media tab and in the Display Settings sub-tab you can enable this.

Enjoy this new feature, and let us know how you get on with it!

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