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Minding your language!

Mindings gives your family and friends a really easy way of sharing your pictures and messages with someone they care about.  For example, you can send text messages and connect through Facebook and Twitter accounts.  That way your loved one can see what everyone is up to.

We find that with social media like Facebook and Twitter, people sometimes use language which they wouldn’t use when talking directly to an older family member.  To help avoid offence, we have a special filter which masks any detected swear words with asterisks.   So, for example, if ‘naughty‘ were a swear word, it would be displayed as ‘n*****y‘.

The swear word filter has three settings: off, mild filtering, strong filtering.

Of course, swearing is a matter of opinion and we may not stop every word which could cause offence, so the best approach is to remind people that their loved one may be reading their status updates.

Mindings Team

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