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Little Kirchensittenbach

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Ever heard of Kirchensittenbach?

No. Well neither had our map of Germany. Luckily our Sat-Nav had so although still in the teeny-weeny-mobile the 240km trip didn’t take the four hours that getting from Frankfurt Airport to Frankfurt did.

In fact Kirchensittenbach is about 10 km of the Autobahn and is about the size of Kilmington in Devon – that’s not big. It did not even warrant a sign on the road after we turned off the autobahn, and as we approached we noticed that there was no mobile phone signal. That really couldn’t be the case! Fortunately not, however the real bombshell was to come. “Internet? Yes of course, you have a modem don’t you?”

Broadband hasn’t reached Kirchensittenbach and with five days of video content to upload from our base here – a mere 20 miles from Nürnberg – there were rumblings from the ranks. On the other hand it was very pretty.

Our host, Richard Strauss – a nicer man you couldn’t hope to meet – told us his bar was closed tonight but pointed us towards the local metropolis, Hernsbruck where we would find a big screen and biergarten to watch the Brazil game. Herrnsbruck, he informed us, has 12,000 people living there, so a slight change from Frankfurt. On the way in we found that Hernsbruck was twinned with Lossiemouth!

Anyway we found a bar, run by a Croat-Italian called Sicha that sold the most outrageous ice creams I’ve ever seen and along with some wearing Croat tops and others supporting Brazil, watched the match and drank the local Hernsbruck bier.

Meeting three England fans – one ticket between the three – we filmed our review programme as the local bells rang midnight and ended the night inside the bar. At the conclusion Sicha announced he had no idea how much we had drunk, but a piece of paper and many questions later an approximate bill was worked out and we bade farewell to return to our rural retreat. The last we saw of Sicha was him driving the three England fans back to their hotel in his Mercedes convertible. That’s service for you.

Finally the hotel was the Landpension Postwirt, I can heartily recommend it.


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