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Lee on Radio Five Live

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

I promised I'd post some behind-the-scenes stuff, and by chance I now have something exclusive I can post. There have been a bunch of technical problems (not at our end...) getting Lee's site working. We've a bunch of stuff we filmed and edited that couldn't be posted, and being time sensitive, there's no point in posting them now. Lee was interviewed on Victoria Derbyshire's programme on BBC Radio Five Live on Thursday so we filmed the interview with 2 cameras. A short portion of the interview was uploaded to the site yesterday, but I thought I'd load up the whole interview to this blog.

Also, for Mac users out there, the Yahoo Media Player isn't Mac compatible (don't get me started) so you won't be able to see it there anyway.

Enjoy some of Lee's thoughts about the World Cup, England's chances, and some revelations about his time at Manchester United.

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