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Keir returns a long-lost key

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Three years ago Keir famously lost his sporran while in Dortmund en-route to a Scotland v Germany game. The sporran contained his wallet, his mobile phone, his match ticket and his railway station locker key. Some kindly Scottish fans gave him a replacement match ticket, and his sporran, wallet, phone and key were all eventually returned (and 2 stories about its return followed in the Scottish Sunday Post). To retrieve his other belongings from the station locker, though, he had to get someone from the station to open it, as the original key was, of course, in the lost sporran.

Keir hasn't returned to Dortmund until today, when we were there en-route to attending the England v Portugal game in nearby Gelsenkirchen. Keir was determined to return the locker key, but what would be the chance of anyone even understanding what he was talking about?

Watch as one of these bizarre co-incidences that occasionally happen in life unfolds.

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