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Keeping up to date with the details

The Mindings Calendar is useful for many purposes.  For example, you can remind your loved one of friends’ birthdays, day-to-day jobs they have to do like putting out rubbish on the correct day, or appointments like going to the doctor’s or receiving visitors.  As well as the start and end times of the event, you can give the event a name (like ‘Friday club’) and location (such as ‘The Community Centre’).

We’ve also found Calendar entries a great way to remind Users of helpful information relating to events.  When it’s someone’s birthday, you can enter their phone number in the ‘location’ space, so the User can give their friend or family member a call.  If different types of recycling are collected on different weeks, you can give the details, or if someone is coming to pick them up for an event, you can add a note about that, too.

Having all the information they need in the same place can really reassure Mindings users and help them feel in control of the things which are important to them.

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