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Introducing “KitchenMindings”!

Meet “KitchenMindings”!  Over the weekend I had fun with a little DIY project I’ve been pondering for some time.


My Dad has his Mindings frame in his living room on a bookshelf. I know people who have Mindings in their kitchen and their hall. However, quite a few people have found that the kitchen is the perfect place to have Mindings as it’s a room that most people go into at several points during the day and spotting a new picture or message from their family is a pleasant surprise.

I’m a geek, though, so for me a Mindings screen in the kitchen would be great to keep track of my Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram feeds on Mindings, but it would also be useful for a variety of other purposes – checking the news, weather, keeping track of the weekend results; following a recipe, or doing a quick Google search to answer a question from my inquisitive daughter!

Actually, an iPad embedded in a cupboard door!

I worked out that the optimum position to have the screen was on a cupboard door – so a hole was going to have to be cut out of it. I bought a replacement door from Ikea (a condition of my wife’s!) and set about creating “KitchenMindings” using a second-hand iPad bought from my local CeX.

After an afternoon’s work with drill, jigsaw and sandpaper I cut a hole in the door, then glued on some wood from an old picture frame to hold the iPad. Then, after taking a centimetre off the shelf behind it and drilling a few holes for the mains cabling, viola!

Finally I used an old pair of PC battery speakers (which at some point I’ll properly mount) and KitchenMindings now has sound. Perfect for watching the news on BBC iPlayer while I’m making dinner.

I’m not suggesting you all go carving holes in your kitchen cupboards, but it’s been a fun project and it may inspire you to use Mindings in more creative ways.

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