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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

How was the final going to compare with the fabulous 3rd place play-off (well the party anyway)? It was never going to. There was a decent crowd at the Fan Mile tonight, but not nearly as much atmosphere as last night. At the end of the game, everyone dispersed really quickly. A bit of an anti-climax really.

So, as far we are concerned the World Cup Final was yesterday - and Germany won. Well deserved too.

A couple of quick mentions - here's Rachel from Paraguay. We got chatting at the game and discovered that she's studying in Edinburgh.

Next, and this is really cool, meet Miranti Hirschmann. Miranti, originally from Indonesia, is a journalist based in Germany. I sat next to her on the train from Munich to Berlin on 5 July. Bearing in mind that there was the best part of 1/2 million people watching the game tonight, what would be the chance of us meeting again? Well, quite a good chance apparently, because after watching the game for 10 minutes, I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was Miranti!

Anyway, our World Cup adventure is at an end. We've had an amazing time and we've met some really lovely people on our travels. For our very last clip here, Keir and I blagged our way into the Media Centre to do it. Keir (dressed in his kilt) was stopped going in, so he just had a major go at the security guard saying "just because I'm dressed like this don't you dare think I'm not working". The security guard guard was so take aback he let us in!

Auf weidersehen - we hope you've had as much fun reading our blog as we've had making it!

Stu & Keir

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