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Down with Sponsors! Our campaign grows...

Our campaign to make corporate sponsors give their tickets to the fans, and to stop playing adverts and inapropriate music during the games is growing. Man Utd and England footballer Lee Sharpe, who we're accompanying round the World Cup with Yahoo, was so annoyed during the match about the corporate interference with the World Cup, that as well as contributing to our video, he wrote two articles for his Yahoo! World Cup Blog - one about the ludicrously loud PA and one about the empty seats in front of us.

Good on ya Sharpey. I know there was resistance to publish the articles, but we gave him a hard time and convinced him that this was his chance to be the real voice of the fans, every one of whom we meet has been complaining about lack of tickets for real fans, and the over-corporatising of the game.

Please leave your own comments about our campaign and we'll pass them on to Lee.

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