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Disruptive Social Care Podcast 2 - with Helen Keegan, Mobile Marketeer

Welcome to our second Disruptive Social Care Podcast , we hope that you enjoy it!

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Show Notes


Redesigning the Front End of Social Care is a challenging new paper focusing on what happens when people first encounter social care.

Digital Health & Care Conference and Hackday 2012

Reflections on Digital Health Conference and Hack 2012 by@Ermintrude2

Richard Susskind


Helen Keegan on Twitter!/@technokitten

Amara Universal Subtitles - Subtitling Tool "The easiest way to caption and translate any video"

Threedom Phone Threedom is the first simple interface built to allow anyone to easily use a touchscreen mobile.

Papa Sangre A video game with no video.

Hailocab Use Hailo to get a black cab wherever you are, whenever you want.

Enabled by Design @enabledby People passionate about Design for All

Dans Le Noir Eating and drinking in the pitch darkness. 30-31 Clerkenwell Green, London.

Mobile Monday Edinburgh Accessibility Workshop for Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards

Martyn Sibley @martynsibley @DHorizons Disability lifestyle writer and co-founder of Disability Horizons

Kath Moonan's "How to Make Your Mobile App Accessible" (Follow Friday)

Twitter Guide Book @mashable Useful resource for Twitter newbies

Twitter chats


@Ermintrude2 One of the most insightful and challenging social work bloggers and tweeters who uses social media and a contributor to the Connecting Social Care and Social Media blog.

@WhoseShoes Passionate about personalisation in health & social care , creator of Whose Shoes? who has been curating a brilliant series of blog posts about living with dementia (NB There's a post by Stuart this week talking about Mindings)

@claireOT Founder of the innovative Digital Health Conference & Hackday

@suey2y An inspirational disability rights campaigner who spoke so passionately about the power of social media to influence government and public thinking about welfare reform at the #netroots conference. http://diaryofabenefitscrounger.blogs...

@PaulbernalUK Writes about privacy, autonomy & human rights, particularly on the internet. Privacy is not the enemy - a thoughtful Prezi exploring why privacy is about choosing what to share, with whom and how.


@Ribot Ribot are makers of the "Threedom Phone" - the first simple interface built to allow anyone to easily use a touchscreen mobile.

@BardOwl Unlimited audiobooks streamed direct to your iPhone - "Spotify for books"


Social Care Reform -- Where Next? 18th July

The King's Fund bringing together key policy designers and decision-makers to discuss the implications of the and Support White Paper and explore the future of social care reform.

Online Youth Outreach

Free event for teachers, practitioners working with young people and careers advisors exploring how to engage  young people through the internet and social media in educational establishments. London 12th July.

Organisations helping young people stay safe online and allow them to report inappropriate behaviour by adults. Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre: Childnet:

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