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Disruptive Social Care Podcast 17 - News and Innovation

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Welcome to our seventeenth Disruptive Social Care Podcast , we hope that you enjoy it!

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Show Notes

Big thank you to our show sponsors:



"Can online innovations enhance social care?"

How online personal support networks can promote more integrated care

Click Guide to Digital technology for Adult Social Care

"I care" two words that can change the world

The Telecare Learning and Improvement Network monthly eNewsletter

Loneliness, one of the hardest things for doctors & patients to talk about

NHS Employers HR and social media in the NHS: An essential guide for HR directors and managers now available as a free eBook

Supporting practitioners to make sense of social media in mental health practice &

"I'm the boss of me!" interview with & exploring mental health and self-employment

Formalised Informality an action plan to spread proven health innovations by Dr Jonathan Lomas helps people do more in their communities using digital tools. is an easy to use, online toolkit to help any community run any type of club.

Living map of ageing innovators a guide to some of the most exciting things happening in the world of ageing.

Living map of job innovators a quick guide to some of the most exciting things happening in the world of job creation.

Promoting digital participation through community hubs

Across the Divide a new @CarnegieUKTrust report on tackling digital exclusion in Glasgow.

Behind the Headlines set up by to provide unbiased & evidence-based analysis of health stories the science behind the news

Connecting People Intervention international feasibility study

#wonkcomms masterclass in communications a storify of the Future of think tanks event


Seven Twitter mistakes we all have to make before we can call ourselves pros lovingly nurturing giving numbers meaning & helping decode complexity.


Balancing the books? Smith Square Debates 14 May London #lgadebates

Citizen 2013 June 13th London #citizen2013

Kings Fund international congress on telehealth and telecare 1st 3rd July London

Introducing the Care in the Digital Age programme #digicare

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