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Disruptive Social Care Podcast 11 - With Mark Brown

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Welcome to our eleventh Disruptive Social Care Podcast , we hope that you enjoy it!

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Show Notes

*The video camera ran out of tape during this recording, hence the still-frame from 36.24 to 47.12*

This week's show features and interview with Mark Brown, mental health campaigner and editor of "One in Four" magazine.

Mark is a director of Social Spider a community interest company helping people make change happen. He tweets as @markoneinfour and he has been described as one of the smartest thinkers in the worlds of social media and mental health.

Mark edits One in Four, England's only national mental health and wellbeing magazine written by people who experience mental health difficulties, and he was shortlisted for the Mind Champion award 2010.

Mark has kindly given us some notes and links which may be of interest to DSCP show listeners:

"Better mental health in a bigger society?" Thinkpiece written by David Floyd and Mark Brown commissioned by NMHDU, published by Mental Health Providers Forum December 2011


Video of speech to Richmond Fellowship ASPAC 2012 conference, with respondents and questions (requires sign up):

Short video of Mark Brown at ASPAC 2012 talking about need for small solutions in mental health:

A no-bullsh!t guide to Social Enterprise delivered in Perth, Western Australia (video / slides) :

Innovation / tech specific specific:

The New Mental Health:

Long interview with Mark Brown about The New Mental Health: http://unofficialcambridgefilmfestiva...

Social Media and Mental health

Victoria Betton interviews Mark Brown:

Part 1 "Social Media is my Rocket Fuel"

Part 2 "Is the NHS rubbish at Social Media?"

Part 3 "Is social media an effective campaigning tool?"

Snog Marry Avoid blog post:

Long multipart interview with Mark Brown by The World of Mentalists:

Other people and organisations mentioned in the interview: Sidekick Studios "Buddy" project:

Campaign to End Loneliness: http://www.campaigntoendloneliness.or...

Mark's #FFs

Dawn Willis - @Quinonostante Political Agitator, Active Mental Health Campaigner. Resolutely driven to call for Diversion within Criminal Justice System for Mentally Disordered Offenders.

Jonathon Tomlinson - @mellojonny

NHS GP in Hackney. Keep Our NHS Public steering cttee member

David Floyd - @davidsocialsp

Managing Director of Social Spider CIC

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